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Are you a well-balanced person?

In this busy world of ours, it is so easy for us to be thrown completely off-balance. We are constantly dealing with the daily stresses of work, family and environment, without realising that we are placing unmanageable tension on our mind, body and spirit.

Some people seem to be able to cope with stress for longer periods of time than others, but many of us, if we are not careful, - that is, full of care for ourselves - find we become unable to deal with problems easily; drink or eat too much for comfort; feel tired all the time; develop irritating aches and pains; have constant colds or minor ailments. 

What does it mean to be "balanced"?

We talk about balance all the time in our lives: work-life balance; a balanced diet; life being a balancing act; balancing our emotions; striking a balance; balancing the books etc. etc.

Well-balanced people are thought of as reasonable, calm and proactive as opposed to over-emotional and reactive. What do you do to keep "balanced"? And how can we possibly be well-balanced all the time?

Trying to find rational solutions to our stresses is often really difficult, as the more stressed we are, the less clearly we are able to think. Plus, even when we can see where our problems lie, putting our thoughts into action is often too much of a challenge.

What can you do to keep "balanced"?

Looking after you has many benefits. Although complementary therapies cannot replace a diagnosis from a medical practitioner, they look for the root of your dis-ease or imbalances so that they may be corrected. Once you are a balanced individual, all aspects of your life improve. 

Which therapy should I choose?

Having problems with hormonal imbalances? Reflexology may help with the menopause, fertility and other conditions. Suffering from primary or secondary lymphoedema, then Reflexology Lymph Drainage is available. Early indications are that it may help with fibromyalgia/ME and many other auto-immune conditions - more information here

In constant pain and having to take painkillers all the time? Been told that there is nothing more to be done for you?  Try OldPain2Go

Maybe you prefer to work on yourself? In which case, The Balance Procedure is a perfect technique to use on a daily basis.

Can't relax? Reiki is very calming and can activate your natural healing processes restoring physical and emotional well-being.

I am an holistic practitioner offering one-to-one and group work. I focus on the whole person and not on the symptoms: they are merely clues to where any imbalances lie.  The key is to bring the whole person - mind, body and spirit - back into balance.

I generally charge £30 an hour but please check the individual therapy pages.


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