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StudioMy name is Jacqueline Seddon and I work in Nottingham, in the heart of the East Midlands.

I started work as a therapist after having breast cancer. (Before that I was a teacher working in England and abroad.)  I believe that getting ill was a “wake-up call” which led me to look for complementary methods of treating dis-ease alongside conventional medicine.

Initially I had reflexology and was so impressed by the results and intrigued by how it worked, that I decided to train with the Bayly School, change direction completely, and become a reflexologist.

Since then, having supported a member of my family who had gone through 6 unsuccessful cycles of IVF, and finding that many of my clients were trying to conceive, I have taken the step of further training in Natural Fertility Reflexology (Reproflexology) so that I can support the ever-increasing number of couples who are having fertility problems.

Some of my clients are going through medical treatment and others are trying to conceive naturally. My approach is holistic and I work closely with a chiropractor and a nutritionist and can offer advice on a wide range of conditions. All treatments are tailored to the individual’s needs and I have treated both men and women who have had successful outcomes. Alongside, the natural fertility treatments I give, I also see clients who have other problems or have monthly appointments because they see reflexology as a way of keeping well.

Despite the surgery I had as a resut of the cancer, I was lucky enough not to develop lymphoedema, but have 2 friends who did. There is no cure for this condition, only careful management and compression garments. I have trained in Reflexology Lymph Drainage ( RLD) a technique which helps minimise the swelling and associated discomfort.

Whilst I was ill, I also trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

In April 2013, by chance I went to The Balance Procedure Conference and was completely stunned by how self-empowering and effective the technique is. Since then I have qualified as a Practitioner and Trainer and now run courses as well as using TBP in my daily practice with my clients: it is such an easy way to clear any emotional problems that might be preventing conception - as well as helping re-balance hormones and clearing other imbalances.

In about 2014, I began to suffer from pain in my right hip as a result of osteo-arthritis.  This continued to develop until I was forced to walk with a stick and the muscles in my legs constantly ached. I had the hip replaced in December 2016 and was amazed by the difference! No more pain at all. Along the way, I had done some work with Steven Blake and tried his method of totally removing pain that no longer serves a purpose. It didn't work for me at the time but that was because the message I needed to hear was "Your hip needs replacing". The pain continued, until I accepted the message and had the hip replaced. From that moment on I had no pain at all, not even immediately after the surgery!

I have a beautiful healing room with a separate entrance at the side of my house. It overlooks the garden and has a wonderful view through the skylight. This allows me to be flexible as to when I can see clients, as it's only a few steps to get home! You are welcome to park on my drive.  Or, if you come by public transport, the Y36 and the Orange 36 stop is about 6/7 minutes from my front door. There is also a tram stop just 3/4 minutes away from the back of my house. I offer flexible appointment times and am prepared to be mobile if you are not.

Call me on 0115 922 2472 or 07725 004753

Thursdays, from 1 - 7pm, I am at H2O Hair and Beauty  in the up-market area of Bridlesmithgate, Nottingham.  Appointments may be made on    0115 924 1006. 

I also offer free 20 minute consultations to discuss which therapy would suit you best in both venues or over the 'phone



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