Do you suffer from chronic pain? Have you had it for a long time?

Back pain, knee pain, hip pain, neck pain, arthritis, sciatica, headaches, period pains - these are just some of the sorts of pains we put up with long after we had a diagnosis or been treated. For example, I frequently meet people who have had their knees or hips replaced but are still in pain. They have been told there is nothing more to be done, except to take painkillers. This isn't true. If you seriously want to get rid of pain, then I can help you.

You have nothing to lose. If the pain does not go completely or isn't reduced to a level you are happy with, then there is no charge!

Take a look at the OldPain2Go website for further information or contact me for a chat.

This is a simple, effective process which works in just one session and doesn't involve any physical contact.


 Consultation:  £50                                          

Using Zoom, Skype, Google+, FaceTime or the telephone, it's possible to have a consultation without moving from your home. Contact me for more details


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Say goodbye to sciatica, arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia etc