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The Balance Procedure (TBP)

Do you feel that life is constantly against you?

Do you keep on reacting in the same way to people and situations?

Want more money, more fun and more peace in your life?

Then The Balance Procedure is the answer.

What is The Balance Procedure?

TBP is neither a therapy nor a healing process. Put simply, it's a non-verbal, powerful relaxation technique which balances your body’s energy system using nine cards.

On the front of each card is a symbol and on the back there is more information; a geometric symbol, a colour, a number, one or two signs of the zodiac, a gemstone, an element, a planet, a chakra, and some physical aspects.  There is also a book which explains, in detail, all of these aspects for each of the nine cards.

How do I use the cards? 

To start with, all you do is place each card, one by one, on your heart centre and check whether you are ‘balanced’ (you’ll move forward if you are). Those cards where you don't move forwards are where you are 'out of balance'.  You then take these ‘out of balance’ cards and ‘balance’ them using a special breathing technique.

Once you have gone through this initial ‘balancing’, you use the set of cards – all together in the special case provided - on a daily basis, focusing on whatever it is you want to happen for you.

How does TBP work?

One explanation of why it works so effectively is that when we’re stressed, we use a much smaller percentage of our subconscious mind. The result is that we’re unable to function to our full potential – so we become tongue-tied in interviews; unable to recall facts in exams; lose our tempers at the slightest irritation; overeat; get headaches or other physical problems etc.

The relaxation response that TBP triggers enables creativity to flow; stimulates our ability to learn; develops our intuition; improves our physical wellbeing and opens us up to receiving new ideas and ways of thinking and behaving.

Even if you’ve tried other techniques or therapies before and not found any improvement or change, perhaps TBP will work for you?

It helps you to create the life you want and be the person you want to be, without having to analyse why you behave or react in a certain way. 

It's about moving forward into the future, not looking back to the past . . .


If you want to learn more about TBP and the philosophy behind it, then you can attend a Level 1 workshop for just £100.  The workshop also includes a consultation, a TBP e-book, the TBP book and the cards. See Workshops for more details.  

Once you have completed a Level 1 workshop, you may wish to become a TBP Practitioner by attending a Level 2 workshop and completing 4 case studies.

If you prefer to learn in the comfort of your own home, all workshops are available via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or Google+ as well as in Nottingham. Talks and demonstrations to groups can also be arranged.

I am a certified TBP Energy Practitioner and Trainer.

TBP full consultation (introduction to TBP, set of cards & book):   Chilwell £65     H2O £70

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